Business Transformation: Explore the pathways to transform your organization

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Make Your Organization Purpose Ready


Reveal your organisation’s purpose in a compact, AI-supported, collaborative, web-based survey with expert remote facilitators.

Prepare your team for digital transformation


Regain your innovative strength and successfully transform your business in the digital age by equipping your leaders with the right skills to drive digital transformation.

Move Your Leadership Training to Century 21


Successful organizational transformation requires purpose-driven leaders suited for that job. Both the SHIFT® and SHAPE® transformational leadership treks can be adapted as inhouse solutions.

Bring Your Personal Development as a Century 21 Leader to Another Level


Explore your areas for growth and find solutions for specific change challenges with the help of an experienced and trusted advisor to uncover your transformative leadership style.

Inspire Your Organization To Spark The Shift Towards Change


Give your organization the necessary keynote kick-start into the transformation age by explaining to people what will happen and by motivating them to participate in the change to come.

Draft and Craft Digital Strategies for the Future


Create awareness for digital strategies, inspire your leaders to act boldly, rethink your management style and company culture, and convince people to take decisions despite uncertainty.

Build Learning Journeys, Transformation Curricula and Leadership Programs With Impact

Impact Design

Mindset change is not taught in conventional ways. We support you in designing immersive learning journeys that prepare your organization for the change to come.

We design transformative learning experiences for century 21.

SHIFTSCHOOL is a pioneer for immersive learning experiences in a rapidly changing digital world. We develop learning formats for people who want to sustainably change themselves and their teams. In order to positively shape the Digital Transformation.

We believe technologies shouldn’t decide how we live and work in the future. That will still be our job. That’s why we only work with those who really, really want change and equip them with the mindset, tools and network to successfully shape their transformation journey into the future.


There are two types of leaders: Those who think the world around them must change. And those who understand that they have to change themselves. We only work with the latter.  Transformation is not about implementing new technologies but primarily about an open attitude towards change. Have a look at the people who work with us:


The best way to discover the SHIFTSCHOOL way of learning is to listen to what participants have to say.