\ ˈna-və-ˌgāt ən-ˈsər-tᵊn-tē \

A definition:

Uncertainty causes us to be in survival mode for extended periods of time. The pandemic was only the latest impetus for a lasting change that we have already felt before: the VUCA world. Many leaders are currently feeling the predicament of being forced to act swiftly without having reliable information.

Waiting is not an option. Inaction will be punished. However, the greater the uncertainty about what to do, the greater the uncertainty becomes about what not to do. This makes good decision-making even more important but at the same time less likely. Great leaders therefore need to to regulate this dilemma by eliminating disruptive factors, debilitating unnecessary ambiguities, and shifting into a mode of thriving.

It becomes obvious that this is no longer a role for lonesome hero*ines but rather a collective endeavor. This new form of leadership involves seizing opportunities instead of fighting threats, celebrating small victories instead of fire fighting 24/7, and encouraging people to take more responsibility instead of conducting command and control. We can only master uncertainty if we view leadership as something that everyone can carry into an organization.


Humans want to believe in uncertainty

We are emotionally addicted to certainty.

We want to be certain about uncertainty

What is the new normal and when is it going to happen? 

Is there really a masterplan? Or are just fooling ourselves into an alleged safety within our comfort zones?

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