\ ˈselfˈlē-dər-ˌship \


Self-leadership is the ability to follow a growth path towards personal mastery and excellence. Whatever this may be. It is also about empowering and positively influencing yourself in times of struggle with true grit (the sum of perseverance and passion). It is also about gaining the resilience and flexibility to adapt along the way. Life is a repeating heroine’s journey and each hero will eventually struggle, hesitate, resist, and fail along the way – in order to later learn and grow and become even better. This means self-leadership is not so much about boosting personal efficiency through self-confidence and new self-affirmative convictions (even if many self-help books and business schools still try to sell it like this). It is neither just a tool to drive material success and gain a competitive advantage nor the secret sauce to successfully accomplish more in less time.

It is about becoming the best possible self. Another way of putting it: you cannot not lead yourself. The difference is if you are aware of it or not. So, self-leadership is the (self)-conscious practice of understanding who you are. It is the difference between fate and choice. How well we do shapes if we lead a life with purpose or not.

Self-leadership should always be directed towards what you do, why you do it, when you do it, and how you do it. The question is not if you want to lead a meaningful life or not (guess, everybody wants that), but how to get there. It is about identifying what you really, really want to experience in life, and coaching yourself toward it. With conviction. With intention and with the help of a community. For more details on this matter click on the longer version of this article here. You also might want to check out the SHIFT Self-leadership program.

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