FOUR THOUSAND WEEKS: Time Management for Mortals

FOUR THOUSAND WEEKS transformation book

by Oliver Burkeman

Please, not another productivity guide. When reading the title you might think you have acquired just another of these productivity self-helpers. But the very first sentence of the book shows that this is not about working through to-do-lists. No zero inboxing or squeezing out a little more time somewhere: “The average human lifespan is absurdly, frighteningly, and insultingly short.” (About 4,000 weeks on average; hence the title.)

Impressively and consistently, Oliver Burkeman describes what is supposedly obvious, but which very few of us want to acknowledge: Burkeman clearly describes that we can only make good decisions if we become aware of our own finitude and act accordingly (we all know this, but constantly suppress it and act as if we had an infinite amount of time). He then dispels the efficiency myths of our modern lives. Showing us that much of what we think we control is actually beyond our control.

This book (just like this guidebook) is definitely not for type-A personalities. It is not for people who still think they can get their lives under control with the next top 10 life hacks. Oliver Burkeman gives us a philosophical, thought-provoking push that the age of efficiency may be coming to an end. He urges us that we should be rushing to make the best (better) use of the time we have left.

In any case, Time Management for Mortals has encouraged me to resolutely continue on the path we started with the SHIFT® Self Leadership program. Meet you on the way.

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