GRM BRAINFUCK transformation book

by Sibylle Berg

The Brave New World probably began on day 1 after Brexit, in the country that once invented capitalism. At least if Sibylle Berg has her way. The story is incredibly interestingly written: fast, cool, cynical but also exceedingly brutal. Not for the faint of heart. A recommended read with a package insert: The story comes across as a real dystopia. As a kind of European nightmare. A horrific portrait of a near future that in many ways is reminiscent of aspects of our own society and its recent history.

While dystopian fiction is certainly not easy fare, it does show us what could happen in this world if we are not very vigilant. In this literary shocker, Sibylle Berg succeeds impressively in creating a devastating (but unfortunately not at all far-fetched) scenario that will hopefully remain just great fiction.

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