Muhammad Ali meets Brené Brown

quotes about change Muhammad Ali and Brené Brown

The intent of good quotes is lost over time. They are often misunderstood. Or they stand alone and just don’t stick. That’s why we take two original troublemakers’ quotes and mash them together in a dialogue. This way you will get the jest 🙂 Just imagine if Muhammad Ali meets Brené Brown:

MA: “I should be a postage stamp, because that’s the only way I’ll ever get licked.”

BB: “Oh boy, if you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion, I am not interested in your feedback.”

MA: “Hmm, at home I am a nice guy: but I don’t want the world to know. Humble people, I’ve found, don’t get very far.”

BB: “So, what’s the greater risk? Letting go of what people think – or letting go of how you feel, what you believe, and who you are?”

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