Lifelong learning is necessary, but not sexy. Because many of us perceive learning as a necessary evil, as a means to an end, in order to achieve something professionally. Something that had to be done and was often dull and boring.
But what if we could see learning as something that makes us happier, because we can continuously develop, throwing old beliefs overboard and replacing them with new ones? What if we could integrate cognitive and emotional development into our daily lives just as we do sports? What if it became as natural as paying attention to our diet? What if learning was suddenly cool?

Just as Software as a Service has made the traditional software licensing model obsolete, we should change education as we know it today and make learning sexy again. Instead of SaaS, we need LaaL >> Learning as a Lifestyle. We urgently need a new paradigm to make us fit for the 21st century. For me, Learning as a Lifestyle is the answer to how we can keep moving and adapt in this rapidly changing world. It’s more than just an empty lifelong learning buzzword or a discouraging token. LaaL is the holistic promise of keeping our minds as fit as our bodies and souls. It is, in a sense, the personal trainer for the mind. In a way that is exhausting, but also deeply satisfying and fun when you get the results you want.

If you want to find out what LaaL is really about, please check out our workshop „Learning as a Lifestyle – It’s not what you know, but how you think.” that we are running together with our partner from the PANDA leadership network.

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