Tobias Burkhardt

Holidays are coming… and along comes a flood of mass produced, meaningless ‘Thank You for XYZ Cards’, unwanted and useless merchandising gifts, and a lot of well intended but hard-to-implement wishes for the new year. At the same time, we all long for human connection, we worry about the future of our planet, and we wish that next year will finally bring more purpose in life.

In those times, we wanted to rethink our habits, consider what really makes sense (and what no longer) and rather maintain fewer and more genuine relationships. Therefore, we turn the tables this year. We do not send unwanted gifts and machine-written Christmas mail, but rather we send out a handwritten card only to those who really, really want it. And not for Christmas (like everyone does), but to kickstart the new year. Connected with a lucky wristband to help you find your purpose. And for every card we send, a tree we’ll plant (with our friends from Tree Nation)

Get your Lucky Wristband now and fulfill your resolutions!

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COLLABORATION \ kə-​ˌla-​bə-​ˈrā-​shən \ A DEFINITION: Transformation is a collaborative effort. The dictionary defines collaboration as the act of working jointly with others…
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