Tobias Burkhardt

The new year is already six weeks old. Slowly but surely, spring is coming and we are hopeful to leave the seemingly eternal pandemic winter behind and finally get going again. Against all odds, we have already launched a SHAPE Trek and a SHIFT Growth Path this year. I am really thankful and happy that I can finally work live and in color with people again. I can clearly see that now everyone wants to get away from the screen and out into nature again. Learning together with other people is something completely different. I am all the more happy that we have now found two excellent retreat partners with the Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle in the Bavarian Forest and the Workation Village in Piedmont in Italy, with whom we will be setting up many unique retreats. Already in May we will host the SHIFT program for 5 days in Italy and in autumn the next SHAPE trek will start at the Schnitzmühle.

And now, I sincerely hope that you can also feel the same pre-spring spirit of departure so that you can now put your resolutions into action again with full force. For my part, I have made a resolution for this year to no longer want everything at the same time, but to tackle one project after the next. Bird by Bird, as Anne Lamott says. And as promised in the last newsletter, we have now planted a tree in SHIFTSCHOOL forest for each New Year’s card you ordered. And our little CO2 compensation project will grow. Not all at once but Tree by Tree.

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