Shiftschool Guidebook


What is the best book on transformation? People ask that question quite frequently. However, it is impossible to answer. SHIFTSCHOOL’s library is growing relentlessly. But, you can’t read all the books in the world, even if you should at least try. Even if you leave out the many bad ones, there are still too many good ones left.

That’s why we rely on our intuition, chance, and recommendations from friends and strangers like Ryan Holiday, Adam Grant and Maria Popova. We have GRATEFULLY READ the many recommendations and now want to do our part so that you can jump straight to the really good books that make transformation a tiny bit easier.

A reading list for Transformation Books

This is not a huge list of role model recommended books, but a fine selection of transformation books that have inspired us over the years – with all the diversity of genres and topics you might expect.

GRATEFUL READ is a serendipitous reading list sharing the best books to read  based on many hours of reading and research. This is a curated reading list for people who want to look at transformation and change from various angles.  We only list the books that we have read and found interesting ourselves. You can be sure that each book is transformative in its own way. It will be worth your time.

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Hope you enjoy reading as much as we do!