Hello game-changer,

Habits make up close to 50% of our daily actions and have immense importance when it comes to behavior change. We all know that it would be better to live a healthy life, to prepare for meetings and to focus on one thing at the time… But why do we rarely succeed in implementing our plans in the long term? This phenomenon of “Knowing-Doing-Gaps” is a constant companion in our private and our professional lives. The only way to close it, is by starting small and grow bigger over time..

Maybe my little morning ritual story can inspire you to get started. If you wonder what that thread you received in the mail is all about, listen to this:

I hope that the future will be a great one for you, your family and your company, and that we collectively get over the quirkiness of the present.

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PS: If you want to learn more about habit-making and self-leadership you might want to check out our Mindset and Habits Program and the SHIFT Self-Leadership Trek.