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Give your organization the necessary keynote kick-start into the transformation age by motivating them to participate in the change to come. Whenever possible, we like to take the time to speak at events and conferences on transformational topics – as long as the requests are related to our main areas of work: Learning, Mindset and Habit Change. Check what we have to say…


is a transformational optimist, education visionary, lateral thinker, and passionate speaker and catalyst on all aspects of digital, cultural and societal transformation. As the founder of SHIFTSCHOOL and a father of three girls, he knows what perpetual change feels like. Find out more about Tobias

Tobias Keynote Speaker


It’s not what you know, but how you think.

What attitude do we need to navigate uncertainty, to be more innovative, to be successful in the 21st century? We need a paradigm shift on how we think, decide, and act. Unfortunately, this change cannot be commanded. Innovation does not come at the push of a button.

But leadership can create the conditions for culture to change and for sustainable innovations to emerge. That’s why we will need different skills in the future to successfully bring ideas to life and make good decisions in an increasingly complex and uncertain future. This includes questioning our previous role as managers, daring to experiment more and also taking on entrepreneurial responsibilities.

How we become not better machines, but better humans.

Today, change is the only constant. The trigger for this rapid change is certainly technological progress. But not the real challenge: For us humans, the most important question is how we can cope well with this change – in both personal and professional contexts. What exactly does it take to not only keep up with digital change, but also to actively shape it? It will depend above all on our inner attitude if we want to make good decisions in an increasingly complex world and also remain innovative as company leaders. We will need profound human skills to differentiate ourselves from technology and machines. So in the future, it will no longer be about what we know – but how we think.

Why change-management sucks and how we can change that.

A reflective talk about the learnings and the Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Transformation in small and large organizations. In this talk we look behind the facade of this Transformation Circus and go backstage to look for the reasons why so many highly praised cultural change initiatives stall. As technological evolution threatens many established business models and the climate as well as social change put us under enormous pressure, we are destined to find better answers. This keynote is based on over ten years of real-world research and didactic experimentation, matched with the latest research in innovation, psychology, neuroscience. All boiled down to an actionable step-by-step approach that organizations can use to design better change processes.

Are we a digital failed nation?

Why do so many companies fail in digitization? At first sight, all this shiny innovation endeavors looked very promising. However, the results are quite sobering. In fact, more than 80% of all digital transformations fail. This talk looks at the seven typical mistakes companies make over and over again. We have to escape the curse of incrementalism. Too often, digital innovation initiatives are either pushed away by product perfectionists or they are sabotaged in operative feuds. Technological evolution dramatically challenges long established value chains and will bring down many new business models within no time. New ideas need a protected environment to grow and a fair chance to replace current products, services, and business models. We can either face this fact and act. Or we can wait and see how others will gradually benefit from our reluctance to take risks.

How to reinvent what we teach and how we learn.

Education is of paramount importance: for social development, for equal opportunities in life, and for international competitiveness. After the industrial revolution, we are currently experiencing the next great paradigm shift. The illiterate people of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who are unable to learn, relearn and learn new things. Education models of the future can only be successful, if we no longer just impart knowledge to learners, but instead offer them access to new learning formats and methodologies and at the same time create space for experiments that enable learners to use their knowledge in an entirely different way. This talk includes our learnings in leading more than 15 years of educational projects and the biggest levers for improvement that we have identified for the future. We swiftly need to embark on new, experimental paths of education.


deeply cares about the future of education and is a strong advocate of female empowerment. And what keeps her awake at night is H A B I T S and the question of “How we all can develop a No Finish Line Mindset.” The question of how to teach, change, and build up new habits has become her number one habit. Find out more about Tina

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