Purpose Pulse


Is Your Organization PURPOSE Ready?

Your company purpose is neither to be found on power point slides nor in rigid questionnaires. It must be created by those who know best why they show up for work every day: Your PEOPLE.

NOW is the time to make use of the collaborative momentum of change experienced during the COVID-pandemic.

NOW is the time to collect everybody’s feelings on how they perceive and navigate through uncertainty.

NOW is the time to create a unique picture of the future together with the wisdom of the company crowd.


The PURPOSE PULSE check is an easy-to-implement set of AI-supported, virtual mini-workshops conducted by experienced facilitators on a web-based collaboration platform. It is both an exciting tool to understand how people feel about their work and a fast generator of ideas of how the future purpose of your company will look like. In a nutshell, it is the best of the quantitative survey and the qualitative workshop world combined in a new way of collaboration across your entire company – generating both fast results and inspired workmates – within a couple of hours.

What is it NOT?

PURPOSE PULSE workshops are neither boring one-way webinars nor meaningless employee surveys. PURPOSE PULSE workshops are designed to feel the pulse of the entire company on every level, in every division and in every market.

What is it good for?

The added value of an organization cannot be understood if it is seen as a machine. It is the people who bring an organization to life. In times where customers as well as employees ask for the WHY, organizations will only be successful if they understand what moves their people at work. Economic success is always the results of a long path that is walked or accompanied by people – with their individual abilities, views and ideas. A purposeful culture is the key to success.

Purpose Book

What are the BENEFITS?

Redefine the strategic playing field towards a purpose-driven culture

Reshape the value proposition for need for more demanding customers

Respond quickly to future trends by tapping into the wisdom of the crowd

Build on trust by involving employees into the purpose process

Assess pain points quickly and identify quick wins

Save costs by using efficient tools without any set-up costs

Speed things up by aggregating the power of AI

Unify the organization by building a collaborative experience for all

Motivate stakeholders by openly reflecting on things that have become more important

Commit leaders and their teams to work towards a common goal

Business Purpose Canvas

How does PURPOSE PULSE work?

PURPOSE PULSE will help everyone in your company to uncover their very own purpose drivers. Experienced facilitators and Artificial Intelligence will aggregate the results into a complete picture. A collective purpose that can be translated into the growth of people, profits, and social impact. The internal discovery process focuses on three parts: Where have we come from? What makes us unique? Where should we go in the future? This process will reveal what everybody is thinking and merge many individual perspectives into a clear and insightful overall picture within a few hours and with lots of fun for everybody.

If you are interested in launching the PURPOSE PULSE check in your organization, please contact us for further information on this programm or check out the product website.