the Digital Transformation Business Strategy Trek

Trailblazer Rocket

Technological evolution enables us to do more with less – in a speed never experienced before. This exponential progress hits established business models at its core and will fundamentally change the way we will do business tomorrow.

This trek enables companies to regain their innovative strength and successfully transform their business in the digital age. By working with the resource that has by far the biggest leverage: their digital leaders. We make people and companies fit for the digital transformation with our inhouse curriculum that focuses on mindset, skills, and network to successfully lead Digital Transformation.

UK /ˈtreɪlˌbleɪ.zər/ US /ˈtreɪlˌbleɪ.zɚ/
the first person to do something or go somewhere who shows that it is also possible for other people

TREK noun
UK /trek/ US /trek/
a remote but live, cohort-based sprint framework


This eight-week, small-group, live online curriculum is a next-level learning endeavor for companies that want to equip their leaders with the essential skills to lead Digital Transformation successfully. This immersive experience consists of 5 sprints peppered with state-of-the-art methods, unique insights, and a hands-on practical experiment. On top, this one-of-a-kind approach will boost personal as well as collective leadership skills through three practice modalities: peer coaching sessions, mastermind accountability, and individual reflection supported by a physical learning package.


Every company strives to be more innovative due to the imperative for technological change. Corporate innovation is like a Space Shuttle mission: The goal is to fly to orbit, to run experiments, to discover new solutions and bring them back to the mother company to make life better there as fast as possible.

A crew of corporate astronauts is hastily selected. It gets a vague briefing about the mission goal, a quick-and-dirty method-training in the latest innovation techniques and is then launched into new innovation adventures.

Unfortunately, the crew does neither have the right training to deal with the unfriendly conditions in innovation space nor the right capacity to develop resilience and grit to stay up there and perform the mission successfully. In other words, the team lacks the power to reach orbit despite the well-meant intentions and sooner or later is pulled back by the gravity of corporate culture.



Our TRAILBLAZER® program is the carrier rocket for corporate transformational leaders. The eight-week learning trek boosts the Innovation Space Shuttle securely into the orbit. It transforms a bunch of individual astronauts into a well-functioning crew equipped with the right tools and mindset to navigate uncertain futures. After their learning trek the crew can stay in orbit despite the gravity pull of the mother planet. From a safe distance, the crew can effectively become trailblazers for broader cultural change and sustainable innovation on the ground.



TRAILBLAZER® Trek: All essential skills to lead Digital Transformation including digital-first mindset and tools to develop a sustainable digital strategy in a real-life case

8-week remote learning program

for entire teams up to 15 participants

6 live workshops of 3 hours

peer coaching sessions and mastermind accountability

1 reflection unit after completion

accompanying company-centric experiments

self-leadership package with audio learning pathway and physical learning materials

in German or English language



Traditional approaches to leadership and team development no longer meet the needs of neither organizations nor potential change makers. This is the key learning from our work with a vast number of companies and leaders. Change initiatives are often bound to fail. The TRAILBLAZER® program is the answer to this problem. During the flight to orbit, we build a strong team that develops the skills, mindset, and network to shape the transformation of their company for good.


We develop people instead of job profiles by designing customized learning experiences. We think school differently. For us, school is not a building but a community of likeminded people who need a framework to develop themselves autonomously.


The TRAILBLAZER® program is a mix of remote workshops, peer reviews, job-ready challenges and team building methods. We integrate state of the art methods into the proven didactic framework of SHIFTSCHOOL. Our goal is to make each TRAILBLAZER® team future-proof. Not by teaching them one method after another but by showing them how to apply their methods and transfer their learnings into their daily work.


Our program is designed for leaders of all professional backgrounds – regardless of industry, job title and business area. The only two things we demand is the motivation to learn and reflect and the willingness to truly change things. Members of the TRAILBLAZER® program are a community of practice that can ignite the whole company with their spirit. They act as trailblazers who are first to try out new things, discover new territory and share their experiences with everyone at work. They don’t take anything for granted and develop the capability to move the system forward – transforming themselves and their organization – even against resistance.

If you are interested in launching the TRAILBLAZER® rocket in your organization, please contact us for further information on this program.