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Bettina von Stamm

Bettina has been a visionary thinker and doer in the field of innovation for well over 25 years. Whether running leadership seminars and workshops or speaking at conferences, whether coaching, mentoring or teaching MBAs and executives, Bettina brings her contagious positive energy to bear to inspire, and open minds. She enables both individuals and teams to think differently about being creative, about applying that creativity to their business, and enables highly diverse teams to work joyfully with each other – both these things are more important than ever in this ever volatile world. Her credibility arises from an approach that combines her deep insights with latest insights from scientific and social science research, and her passion for and knowledge of her work make her fun and engaging to work with.

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Richard Ayling

Richard Ayling is a transformational coach, speaker and facilitator, with over fourteen years’ experience in training and personal development. After overcoming an autoimmune disease and creating a successful business, he now teaches self-awareness for mindful living around the world, specialising in self-worth, presence and meaning, somatic practices, yoga, and meditation.
As a mindset coach he helps overwhelmed and unfulfilled professionals re-align their relationships and find purpose and confidence in their work. His current mission is to transform the conversation around men in society, co-hosting the Man Reimagined podcast, as well as being active in men’s work and hosting circles on and offline.
 He also likes red wine, surfing and reading in cafes.

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Frank B. Sonder

“SPEAKING \| Keynote speaker on significant future topics, host for others on stage, know who should be up there and how to get the best out of bright minds

CREATING \| Bubbling with ideas. Able to wrap them up in a decent concept and wow people

WRITING \| Texts with clear messages inspite of beautiful language

RUNNING \| Motivating people beyond their limits”

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Thor van Horn

Thor is the head Quantum Kunst. He studied film and theatre, literature and philosophy in Erlangen and worked in the special research area Siegen. His exercise format “Art Ritual”, which he developed, is a training programme for mindfulness, creativity and courage – in the team as well as in personal development. He gained much of his own experience as a designer and initiator of attention-grabbing art projects in public spaces. He teaches at the TH Deggendorf, and the HS Ansbach.

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Fabian Tremel

I am passionate about working on projects that are fancy. For me, fancy means that there is space to implement ideas and create an appealing look. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a logo or a complete corporate identity, a website or a digital application, it has to look impressive – and that’s what I’m here for! But be careful: less is sometimes more and I try to tease out this specific “more or less”.

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Mark Robert Dekker

High school dropout, multi startup exit and self taught software developer. Learned to learn fast and keep up the hustle.

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Tobias Burkhardt

I am an entrepreneur by conviction, a teacher by accident and a creative by heart. I live and breathe the life of a polymath: Jack of all trades, Master of Learning. Always experimenting with a better version of myself. My curiosity prevented me from having a straight career, forcing me the Long Way Home. A journey that has taken me from anthropology, through beer and chocolate and politics, up to a world of digital technology and innovation. Only to end up founding a school for people who want to change things for the better. As the wind of transformation strikes continuously, I am now also the president of the first transformative leadership club – aiming to make Learning a Lifestyle. In the end I am simply a Serendipitist, finding value and happiness in things not sought for.

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Christina Burkhardt

grew up in the countryside, was always eager to explore the world, lived and worked in Japan & the USA, always up quite early, big passion for people, learning, habits & mindfullness, married to my co-founder and often between tears of joy and sometimes of exhaustion as a mom of three wild girls 😉

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Manuel Grassler

As entrepreneur, facilitator, change maker and human being I was always intrigued by the power and energy a playful mindset unleashes.

I believe that complex business problems in our VUCA world should be approached with ease, openess and collaboration. Thus PLAY is the key to explore complexity, unlock new knowledge, experiment with solutions and iteratively move towards success.

With my help you will bring a streamlined approach to your organization to solve their most complex riddles in a playful, engaging, fun but serious way and unlock transformative value.

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