Bettina von Stamm

Leader by Example

Bettina has been a visionary thinker and doer in the field of innovation for well over 25 years. Whether running leadership seminars and workshops or speaking at conferences, whether coaching, mentoring or teaching MBAs and executives, Bettina brings her contagious positive energy to bear to inspire, and open minds. She enables both individuals and teams to think differently about being creative, about applying that creativity to their business, and enables highly diverse teams to work joyfully with each other – both these things are more important than ever in this ever volatile world. Her credibility arises from an approach that combines her deep insights with latest insights from scientific and social science research, and her passion for and knowledge of her work make her fun and engaging to work with.

What is your favourite SHIFT Attitude?

By believing that there is always a solution, and always a better one, better in the sense of being beneficial to our planet and all on it, nurturing for heart, mind and soul, and future-enhancing. All of us are creative, we just need to get behind the walls that education has built in our minds, the belief that there is ‘one right answer’, and all the voices in our head that, while often well-meaning, are limiting our potential.

What does “Learning as a Lifestyle” mean to you?

Curiosity, always asking questions and wanting to understand; courage to challenge what is, and imagine what might be; keeping an open heart and mind always; and using diversity to gain different perspectives, and open heart and mind even further.