Dr. Kimo Quaintance

Leader by Example

Father, husband, coach, and facilitator. I’m passionate about what helps us develop and maintain healthy relationships (including with ourselves), and how work can be a vehicle for authentic expression and purpose. I believe that the next stage of human evolution will be led by those who have learned to harness the power of their emotions.

What is your favourite SHIFT Attitude?

I represent my favorite attitude, Holistic, by always trying to bring as many dimensions of myself to my work with others as I can: intellectual, physical, emotional, moral, spiritual, relational, and ecological.

What does “Learning as a Lifestyle” mean to you?

Learning as a Lifestyle means deeply living the values of curiosity and growth in everything I do. That means always looking for opportunities to learn and teach, to strive to bring out the highest expression of myself in what I do, and help others remove the blocks to their own natural growth.