Is it a club?

Is it a


Or is it simply THE future of
learning & leadership in the 21st century?
What if it is ALL of the above?

The Learnings

The experience from working together with hundreds of companies and thousands of people in our workshops and programs over the past years has taught us what the future of learning has to look like to create true change.

If you want to educate, enable and inspire people who make a contribution and shape transformation in their companies, in their private life and in society, it all comes down to five main pillars that are crucial for learning and leadership in the 21st century.


Orientation and Inspiration

Nowadays, it has become a huge challenge for us to find our way through the jungle of content, of workshops, conferences and educational programs. We do not have a quantitative problem – all the content is out there. We have a huge problem with overwhelming possibilities, in recognizing valuable content and finding new things that will help us develop further. That is why we need someone to give us orientation, to curate our learning and to teach us how to open up new areas of interest and become a self-organized learner.



Learning with others in a community of like-minded people is crucial to our learning experience and successful development. This has been proven in numerous studies and we have seen the success of peer-to-peer learning hundreds of times at our SHIFTSCHOOL programs. We can learn from and with each other, give and receive feedback and verify that we have understood concepts and methods by teaching it to others.



Many people need accountability and deadlines in their life to make things happen. This is especially true for learning and personal development. We need to have a framework and formats that hold us accountable and help us take true responsibility for our ongoing learning process.



There is no shortcut to learning and there is no shortcut to change. If we want to become lifelong learners who learn, unlearn and relearn all the time, learning has to become a habit and continuous process.


Safe Place

To truly learn and develop, we need a place where we feel safe, where we can experiment, make experiences, can reflect on our learning and behavior and are allowed to make mistakes.

We have taken quite some time to reflect on the question of how to create a framework that will not only offer all of the above but that will also have a lasting effect on people. We wanted a framework that makes learning and development a constant habit and that we are truly passionate about.

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