Do schools really need a fixed curriculum? What we need today is more contact, not more content. In a digitized world where learning content becomes abundant, we need to think of school differently: As a framework providing the environment to make learning successful. Schools need to become A guiding superstructure on top of the learner’s personalities. Moreover, they should help students to fill in their individual content at the right place and the right time .

In a world with abundant information, the problem is not providing more learning content but a framework that shows people how to make sense of all this abundance. Learning is way more than just the mere transfer of knowledge. Learning becomes successful when we can use all this abundant knowledge meaningfully and apply it to drive change. Once we have acquired the skills and mindset to learn how to learn, we can tap into new online and offline resources of the abundant world of content ourselves or together with our peers.

The main function of future schools is to create learning environments that ignite the passion of people’s life projects and offer a framework to reflect the life-long learning attitude. The master skills taught in those project-based schools will be to acquire new content in a self-organized fashion. Students will need to understand the dynamics of change and to shape transformative processes.

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