Shiftschool Guidebook

A Guidebook for Century 21

Transformation Guidelines for Game Changers

Dr. Irène Kilubi
Century 21 files

The case of Dr. Irène Kilubi

Statement: All you need is already inside of you.

person suspected of gently pushing pioneers, visionaries and change makers towards true authenticity, building lasting communities, and connecting generations XYZ. [cto]

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Zahara Chetty front view shiftschool
Century 21 files

The case of Zahara Chetty

Statement: Fix this planet or go to Mars already!

person suspected of being a transformation artist who appears either as mental health advocate, climate & biodiversity activist, problem solver, innovation strategist, futurist, and/or imagineer. [cto]

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kristen davis front view shiftschool
Century 21 files

The case of Kristen Davis

Statement: No words, but something LiDAR could read as that’s what’ll soon be driving the cars around us.

person suspected of discovering and leveraging new technologies and techniques and using them to resolve problems or turn great ideas into reality – moving from startups to large organizations and back. [cto]

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Bonnie Lorraine Smith front view
Century 21 files

The case of Bonnie Lorraine Smith

Statement: Stop driving so close – better yet, stop driving and rewild this asphalt!

person suspected of envisioning and promoting an economy that works in service of life, and working diligently to bring industrial activities closer to what makes people and ecosystems healthier . [cto]

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Manuel Grassler
Century 21 files

The Case of Manuel Grassler

Statement: Dare to play with me?

person suspected of promoting playfulness as humanity’s most natural way of encountering complexity and leading folks into a world full of better ideas. [cto]

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Kristina Bonitz Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The case of Kristina Bonitz

Statement: I would never design one. I have no love for ugly, supposedly unique and „ funny“ stickers, whether on cars or on fridges.

person suspected of working in between disciplines, perspectives and people while encouraging new notions and habits of authentic leadership. [cto]

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Kerstin Friesland front view
Century 21 files

The case of Kerstin Friesland

Statement: live, love, laugh

person suspected of having taught people about the parallels between ancient hinduism and modern transformation. As well as exemplifying the laws of nature as a constant process of change. [cto]

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Pieter Spinder Shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Pieter Spinder

Statement: If you see me, I will see you.

person suspected of designing embodied learning experiences and getting rid of his and other people’s BS in order to change their work and life for the better. [cto]

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Serafine Klarwein Seraf al Zaurak shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Seraf al Zaurak

Statement: Don´t Read This! (Drive home safely and read a book.)

person suspected of taking people on an Alice-in-Wonderland-tour towards inner childhood to let their souls play freely within a safe experience for exploring the edges of their imaginations. [cto]

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About this Guidebook

If you are on uncertain terrain, you need guidelines (there are no exact plans anyway). And if you want to change things for the better on uncertain terrain, you need transformative guidelines.

This is exactly why the Guidebook for Century 21 came into being. As inspiration for those who want to change the game. Of course, we were also inspired. No idea is really new. Our source of inspiration was Douglas Adams. This Guidebook is a tribute to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” which is still unsurpassed today.

Transformation guidelines: How to lead sustainable change

Over 40 years after its initial publication, ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide’ is a classic in science fiction literature. We Hitchhiker fans still enjoy the witty characters, the absurd plots, and the subtle lessons that have perpetuated the cultural legacy. The Guide is always a gentle reminder of our human frailties and the fact that despite all the challenges, life is not to be taken entirely too seriously after all.

The guide asks us if it really makes sense to search for the meaning of life. Just like supercomputer Deep Thought, which spits out the answer to the question of all questions after a lot of calculating, but without having understood the actual question. To us Shiftshapers, the number 42 stands as a symbol for the absurdities that we humans get up to every day. 42 is the reminder that we should finally stop searching for a solution to every problem. Instead, we should start looking for the important questions. Again and again.

strictly opinionated transformalism for worldchangers

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