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A Guidebook for Century 21

Transformation Guidelines for Game Changers



SERENDIPITY \ ˌser-ən-ˈdi-pə-tē \ A DEFINITION: According to a British translation company, serendipity is one of the ten most difficult English words to…
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Dharshi Harindra Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The case of Dharshi Harindra

Statement: Buckle Up. Change ahead.

person suspected of revolutionizing the intersection of technology, law, and diversity, and employing her comprehensive expertise in technology, privacy and media law, alongside a steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusion, to assist organizations in creating a data-driven approach to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. [cto]

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Tom Pauly SHIFTSCHOOL front view
Century 21 files

The case of Tom Pauly

Statement: Be like a Crow!

person suspected of being convinced that Innovation thrives on constraints – but only if you ask the right questions, in the right form to the right audience. [cto]

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Amrei Andrasch front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Amrei Andrasch

Statement: „I'm sick of being stuck on these cars! Let’s go green!“

person suspected of being a learning experience designer gone futurity clairvoyant – dealing with insanely innovative ways of thinking and learning about the future. [cto]

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Jason Frasca
Century 21 files

The case of Jason Frasca


person suspected of being a natural born New Yorker, an urban innovator, sleuth of emergent futures, and anthropologist of everyday lives. [cto]

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Manuel Scheidegger Shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The case of Manuel Scheidegger

Statement: Find good questions for every answer.

person suspected of multi-asking his audience to take new leaps of faith and thought in order to trigger creative and constructive thinking – while working with both fun and substance. [cto]

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About this Guidebook

If you are on uncertain terrain, you need guidelines (there are no exact plans anyway). And if you want to change things for the better on uncertain terrain, you need transformative guidelines.

This is exactly why the Guidebook for Century 21 came into being. As inspiration for those who want to change the game. Of course, we were also inspired. No idea is really new. Our source of inspiration was Douglas Adams. This Guidebook is a tribute to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” which is still unsurpassed today.

Transformation guidelines: How to lead sustainable change

Over 40 years after its initial publication, ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide’ is a classic in science fiction literature. We Hitchhiker fans still enjoy the witty characters, the absurd plots, and the subtle lessons that have perpetuated the cultural legacy. The Guide is always a gentle reminder of our human frailties and the fact that despite all the challenges, life is not to be taken entirely too seriously after all.

The guide asks us if it really makes sense to search for the meaning of life. Just like supercomputer Deep Thought, which spits out the answer to the question of all questions after a lot of calculating, but without having understood the actual question. To us Shiftshapers, the number 42 stands as a symbol for the absurdities that we humans get up to every day. 42 is the reminder that we should finally stop searching for a solution to every problem. Instead, we should start looking for the important questions. Again and again.

strictly opinionated transformalism for worldchangers

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