Are you lifelong learning logjammed?

We solved the dilemma of on and off education by making lifelong learning sexy.

We dedicate ourselves to lifelong learning. SHIFTSCHOOL is more than an academy. We consider ourselves as a lively community of lifelong learners – including participants and trainers alike. That’s why we have built a framework that makes learning and development a constant habit – in a safe, inspiring, and fun atmosphere.
Our community members encourage each other to ask questions, find answers, and adapt the way we think about things. We come together regularly to shift our attitudes and shape the change we want to see in the world.

Because learning is for life. Because learning is fun. And our stories inspire us to keep on learning.

That is what we call Learning as a Lifestyle.

Meet some of the SHIFTSHAPERS, listen to their transformation stories and come start to write your own “Story of Better.”

Vanessa Essex
HR Business Partner
Schwanhäußer Industrie Holding

For me personally, SHIFTSCHOOL is characterized by a triad. The first is that they start where digital transformation starts, namely in the mindset of people. For example, they bond people above all and make them fit for digitization. The second is that they go into action, so that we don’t just talk about what could be good, but that we actually do good things. The third thing is that they have the courage to really convince people that digital transformation is something good and is unstoppable.”

Tijen Onaran
CEO & Founder
GDW Global Digital Women

A whole lot has changed for me. First, I changed jobs within Siemens directly after SHIFTSCHOOL. Here I can now bring in a lot from what I have learned. And second, you think differently after SHIFTSCHOOL: Instead of worrying too much, now I just do things. It is relatively easy to have ideas. However, to really start is something different. To say, ‘I’m just going to do this, no matter what comes, no matter if I fall down’ takes more courage. I do that more often now than before. In other words, not planning things through to perfection but really getting started and thus moving forward. And eventually learn from the mistakes. That’s an attitude that has definitely changed through SHIFTSCHOOL.”

Michael Kraml
Agile & Transformation Coach
Learning Organization SIEMENS

Digital transformation will change many things. Only together can we face the associated challenges and social responsibility. That’s why I’m pleased to be able to pass on my experience in the SHIFTSCHOOL community.”

Markus Neubauer
#Digitalisierung #DigitaleTransformation #Shiftschool #Nürnberg #CLASSFOUR

The concept of SHIFTSCHOOL convinced me from the very first moment. In my daily work, I repeatedly encounter a lack of transformational talent – no matter how old my colleagues are. Developing things together with an open team in an amazing atmosphere and finding answers for future tasks is what I really appreciate about SHIFTSCHOOL.”

Harald M. Hoepffner
Senior Manager Growth Strategy
Capgemini Invent

I decided on SHIFTSCHOOL because I wanted to grow as a human being, as an employee and as a leader and particularly I wanted to be in a position to shape the future. SHIFTSCHOOL has given me a platform to experiment with new tasks and roles and has helped me to expand my network beyond the fashion industry. I would have never expected the impact and the benefits to come so fast!”

Verena Walther
Head of Product Management
s.Oliver Black label Women
Das persönlichste Festival für Digitale Transformation

The biggest learning at SHIFTSCHOOL is that digital transformation is neither about tools, about products, nor about technology. It’s about people. How can things have an impact if people are not willing to dare or to try out things and go for it? There is no technology that can stand against it. There is no template for change. It’s about the framework. It is the setting, the context and the community of people who let you be creative and innovative. I think SHIFTSCHOOL does this really well.”

“If you want to change something in your life, in your business, in your job position, you have to do something first. It’s about questioning yourself where you want to go? What’s your inner purpose? This is something that I learned at SHIFTSCHOOL.”

Silvia Baroni
Senior Strategic Designer

I believe that if you have not experienced SHIFTSCHOOL yourself, you simply cannot imagine what is possible: the people you connect to, everything that you learn and suddenly dare to do. You receive a toolbox of methods, thinking patterns and experiences that together with a strong network make sure you can tackle any new challenge proactively. To me, it has been the most intensive, most valuable and at the same time most sustainable further education so far.”

Annika Schreiner
Global Marketing Manager for MindSphere Developer Relations
Siemens Digital Industries Software

SHIFTSCHOOL is at the frontier of a human centered way of learning: It’s about enabling, trying, failing, experiencing, working together interactively, hands-on with digital doers (not talkers). I believe this is preparing participants to understand and stay up to speed with the rapidly changing digital world.”

Johannes Start
Technical Program Manager

What is Learning as a Lifestyle?

We all know that lifelong learning will be key to cope with the ever faster change.  But many of us still consider it a necessary evil. It is not sexy. Many learning formats are dull and only fact-based. We just see them as means to an end, in order to achieve something professionally.

But what if we could see lifelong learning as something that makes us not only better but also happier? Through introspection and self-learning, and through constructive discourse among other purpose-seeking individuals. That is what we call “Learning as a Lifestyle”. A gym for the mind so to say.

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