SHIFTSCHOOL - References
SHIFTSCHOOL - References

Where are the references of SHIFTSCHOOL? Do these transformation guys have a track record? Who are the companies they are working with?

Hold on a minute! Before looking at the references of SHIFTSCHOOL, let’s ask ourselves  why the heck you need references in the first place? Isn’t every transformation case different? And aren’t business references a hindrance if you really want to break new ground?

When we launched SHIFTSCHOOL in 2015, many people told us that it was pointless to start an academy without any references. They told us “People need the assurance that they choose the right partner. Only established players and traditional institutions can deliver that.” But we did not listen…

In the beginning we didn’t have neither fame nor fortune. But we did and made it anyway. Because we convinced companies with our passion for transformation, our deep understanding of the topic, and our network of outstanding experts in the field.

Many organizations have now learned to trust our way of teaching transformation

In the meantime things have changed. Today, we can easily play the bee waggle dance with our credentials. Over the years, the list of clients who had the courage to break new ground grew longer and longer.

But do you really need the name dropping?

If no, stop skimming this page and let us start talking right away.

If yes, and you still need a little reassurance to get started, we totally get that, too. But if you are thinking about working with SHIFTSCHOOL, don’t do it because we have worked with Siemens, Adidas, Merck or Bosch.

  1. Only do it because you want to change things for good.
  2. Do it because you are tired of one size fits all solutions and the false promises of the method jugglers.
  3. And do it because you really, really want to work on the transformation of your leaders and their teams.

If that is the case, we can do one of the following for you. Here are some examples of our work:

We worked with the Schwan Cosmetics management team around digitalization and how to perform as leaders in a changing business environment.

When a factory from the Bosch network recognized the need for digital transformation, they called us to work with their research & development teams to create an innovation-driven culture.

We created and delivered a hybrid innovation curriculum for senior leaders from Merck to develop entrepreneurial momentum and a growth oriented mindset.

SHIFTSCHOOL also partnered with many banks within the cooperative financial world to engage and inspire their leadership teams via a series of digitization workshops.

SHIFTSCHOOL - References
SHIFTSCHOOL - References
SHIFTSCHOOL - References

And here they are: The SHIFTSCHOOL references 🙂

This is a selection of the courageous companies that have joined us in forging new innovative paths to successfully implement digital, sustainable, and social transformation:


There are two types of leaders: Those who think the world around them must change. And those who understand that they have to change themselves. We only work with the latter. Transformation is not about implementing new technologies but primarily about an open attitude towards change. Have a look at the people who work with us:

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