Manuel Grassler


As entrepreneur, facilitator, change maker and human being I was always intrigued by the power and energy a playful mindset unleashes.

I believe that complex business problems in our VUCA world should be approached with ease, openess and collaboration. Thus PLAY is the key to explore complexity, unlock new knowledge, experiment with solutions and iteratively move towards success.

With my help you will bring a streamlined approach to your organization to solve their most complex riddles in a playful, engaging, fun but serious way and unlock transformative value.

What is your favourite SHIFT Attitude?

Embracing the world as a playful being – meaning being spirited in connecting, holistic in perceiving, ideative in thinking, flexible in doing and true to your own nature.

What does “Learning as a Lifestyle” mean to you?

Constantly exploring whatever sparks my curiosity, getting deep into the rabbit hole even if it seems without purpose at first but every experience made is another dot that seeks connection in the constant evolving birth of creativity.