Decision Making in a state of emergency


For more than a year now, we all have been in a state of emergency. Personally, privately and of course professionally. And every one of us has their own way of dealing with the situation. After the initial shock, I have made two decisions very quickly: Personally, I decided to keep the evil C out of my thoughts as much as possible. And professionally, I decided not to participate in any rushed actions to throw everything we have got online in an actionist attempt to save business. The last year has impressively shown that the half-life of promises, announcements and planned projects has once again fallen dramatically.

Every trade fair, every festival and every training company digitizes its content and uploads it to the web. Not an hour goes by that I can’t participate in some webinar, online conference or live stream. Everything is being digitized now, it’s so easy and everyone can watch from all around the world. At least in theory. But reality looks different.

The questions remain: First – who is supposed to watch all the content and, second, how are we supposed to earn money again someday if everything is always available everywhere, free of charge? I truly believe that my industry, i.e. everything related to learning, innovation and networking (aka transformation circus) is making the same mistake as the publishing industry did more than two decades ago.

And I decided not to be a part of that rat race. That is why we took our time, watched carefully, questioned ourselves, and drew our conclusions. In the end we have decided to lead by example and radically transform ourselves. We have practiced what we preached and started from scratch. I hope you are going to like it.

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