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Leadership training at SHIFTSCHOOL is always about a holistic transformation. That is why we design immersive learning experiences with a strong sense of purpose. No matter which pathway you choose. Our hybrid learning formats. Individual coaching sessions. Or as a member in the first lifelong learning club.

And there are a few things you can absolutely be sure of: You will never find boring collections of one-way e-learnings. We banned business buzzword fads as well as meaningless human potentiality mumbo jumbo in our courses. We don’t encourage dog-eat-dog career acceleration either. Nor do we stand for binge learning new skills without even applying them in the wild. We don’t care about status, titles or perks. Only about the motivation to grow. We invite you to explore SHIFT, SHAPE, CLUB & HABITS.

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Elevate Your Growth Mindset

Learning Trek SHIFT

Work on your transformational mindset to design your own purpose-driven development plan

Empower Your Future Leadership Skills

Learning Trek SHAPE

Acquire the competences a purpose-driven leader needs to lead organizational transformation

Expand Your Lifelong Learning Horizon


Become a member in the first Learning-as-a-Lifestyle club for Transformative Leaders

Explore Lasting Change and Build Your Habits


Learn how to form habits that stick to improve your life and transform business


Leadership training can only be successful if they fit into the learner’s circumstances. That’s why it sometimes makes sense to work on things in a more focused and confidential setting. All learning treks can also be booked in a personalized learning path.


Today’s leaders can be divided in two categories: Those who think the world around them must change. And those who understand that they have to change themselves. We only work with the latter. Therefore, we believe that transformation is not about implementing new technologies but primarily about an open attitude towards change. Leadership training ready for century 21 challenges.

We are working with:

Executives from established SMBs wanting to drive the transformation of their organizations to make them 21st century proof

Business leaders from large corporations looking for new ways to change their organizations

Future-forward entrepreneurs and game-changers who look for a diverse network of like-minded peers seeking a new challenge to scale their impact

Creative business professionals and cultural change-makers with at least five years of work experience


The best way to discover the SHIFTSCHOOL way of learning is to listen to what participants, trainers and customers have to say.


All learning treks for individuals can also be implemented as business packages, inhouse leadership development or strategy and innovation programs. Learn more about our company offerings or

Find out how to become a Transformative Leader yourself

SHIFT SHAPE leadership training