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How to make a difference


What happens when a collective of artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers and humans from all over the world who believe it’s not too late to stop climate change come together and try to give answers to the question of “how to make a difference”?

They create “THE CARBON ALMANAC” , a website, a movement and a great book about energy that guides us to understand climate change and make a positive and meaningful impact. It’s everything we need to know about climate change in one place so that we have a chance to have meaningful conversations and be part of the solution.

The “CARBON ALMANAC” is full of ideas, data, perspectives and resources to help us understand the realities of climate change and how we can fight it. Did you know for example that it makes a huge difference for our climate if we switch to ECOSIA instead of “google” all things all the time? I sure didn’t and it only took me 3 minutes to make this switch.

But that’s not all: In addition to the “CARBON ALMANAC”, the more than 300 volunteers have created a CARBON ALMANAC book for kids in multiple languages and a guidebook for parents and teachers. This is a wonderful way to start a conversation with your children, in your families and in schools and offers many ideas for children on how they can make a difference.

We at SHIFTSCHOOL want to make a contribution by giving away the book and organize events (for children & adults) at our STUDIO 21. We don’t have to be perfect for our earth, we just have to get started. Together.

Because climate change is not a “me” problem, it’s a “we” problem and it is not too late to stop it. We all can be leaders by example. So why wait? Let’s make a difference today!

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