Austin Kleon Keep Going

by Austin Kleon

I really try to cut down on the amount of new books I buy. Unless I really want to keep that book it will be borrowed, swapped or read digitally. However, there are some books that are really worthwhile keeping. And the series of creative inspiration books by Austin Kleon is definitely in that category.

Austin Kleon has been accompanying me since the early days of SHIFTSCHOOL. Since then, Kleon, who regards himself as “a writer who draws,” has been one of my great inspirations. I regularly pick up his artsy books “Steal like an Artist” and “Show your work” whenever I need a soulmate to kindle my creativity.

The important thing is to make it to the end of the day, no matter what. No matter how bad it gets, see it through to the end so you can get to tomorrow.

However, inspiration is only part of the game. At times, what we need (and deserve) is just the exact opposite: someone telling us to continue no matter what. In his latest work “Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad” Austin provides just that.

Uncertainty is the very thing that art thrives on.

This book lifts me up, soothes me, and then pushes me, kindly but firmly, out the door to do exactly what I thought I would never have the tenacity to finish. This book is both a bucket full of solace and a creative kick in the butt.

a bucket full of solace and a creative kick in the butt in one book

His 10 tips in “Keep going” are kept short and sweet as usual. Some advice may even seem plain and simple. However, I have made the experience that the simple things are often the hardest to implement – but yield the most effect. His beautifully crafted work manages to put together the tried and true in such a way that his books are a source of motivation and inspiration.

Lots of people want to be the noun without doing the verb. They want the job title without the work.

I highly recommend buying and keeping all three of his books. But to get started, go with “Keep going.” It is exactly what poor battered creative souls need in these wild times (Heikki I hope you read this!). Enjoy the read and just keep….going (especially in the bad times).

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