Leader by Example

Leader by example

A new learning format needs new people. Teaching is great but it is too closely related to yesterday‘s conviction of how schools are run. We need to inspire creative discourse instead of instructing people.

What the world certainly doesn’t need is more sages on a stages. We’ve also got enough slick and embellished celebrity stories of people who seem „unreachable“. That is why role modeling is also slightly off the track. We don‘t want our members to imitate larger-than-life figures by copying their behavior. We need authentic people who meet others at eye level and help them to find their very own way.

It’s about showing leaders not in their roles, but as whole human beings. Seeing both their accomplishments and their missteps as inspirational examples. That is why we have decided to speak only of “Leaders by Example”. This may sound sophistical, but “the meaning of a word is its use in language,” as Wittgenstein once said.

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