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Entdecke die besten Transformations-Interviews und eine umfassende Learnings über Leadership und Lebenslanges Lernen Von Menschen, die verdächtigt werden, sich und andere ernsthaft zu verändern. Menschen, die wir Leaders by Example nennen.

Thomas Lahnthaler Shiftschool front view portrait
Century 21 files

The Case of Thomas Lahnthaler

Statement: Opportunities have a door handle.

person suspected of pioneering transformative change, this individual has mastered the art of using disruption to innovate and build resilience, armed with two decades of global experience in human dynamics and unconventional learning approaches

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Nathalie Nahai Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Nathalie Nahai

Statement: Fuck it, why not?

person suspected of being a pivotal influence in the digital business realm, known for a background in human behavior, web design, and the arts, and the author of influential books on the subject, shaping online business strategies for major clients and institutions.

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Dorothée Töreki Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Dorothée Töreki

Statement: Enjoy the most exciting ride that is your life. From all we know, we have only this one journey.

Person suspected of mastering the evolution of digital transformation, from drainage designs on Germany’s railways to the forefront of IBM’s global tech revolution, reveals a journey filled with unexpected turns and profound insights

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Mateja Kramar Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Mateja Kramar

Statement: Whatever you think, think the opposite

Person suspected of leveraging over two decades of leadership experience to revitalize struggling companies through innovative strategies and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations.

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Dave Strudwick Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Dave Strudwick

Statement: Fuelled by Imagination

Person suspected to possess an advanced understanding of holistic education, with alleged ties to diverse institutions and a mysterious manifesto centered on the golden essence of learning.

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Denise deLuca Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Denise DeLuca

Statement: In Nature, you’re never alone — you’re among.

person suspected of merging her engineering background with a love for nature to become a pragmatic progressive, aiming to realign individuals with nature’s paradigms, and is notoriously known for empowering others to harness their creative potential in bettering the world.

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Scout Gould shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The case of Scott Gould

Statement: "Hey, nice to meet you. I hope you have a great day :-)"

person suspected of possessing profound insights into human engagement, leveraging his experience as an author, speaker, consultant, and former church pastor to unravel the intricate patterns of connection between individuals, whether as employees, customers, or community members.

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Dharshi Harindra Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The case of Dharshi Harindra

Statement: Buckle Up. Change ahead.

person suspected of revolutionizing the intersection of technology, law, and diversity, and employing her comprehensive expertise in technology, privacy and media law, alongside a steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusion, to assist organizations in creating a data-driven approach to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. [cto]

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Birte Bösehans Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The case of Birte Bösehans

Statement: Pause. Breathe. Breathe again. And again. Now go on. Or breathe again.

person suspected of having an insatiable curiosity, an unparalleled knack for purposeful innovation, and a tireless commitment to transforming abstract ideas into tangible realities, all while maintaining a contagious enthusiasm that inspires those around her. [cto]

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Adah Parris Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The case of Adah Parris

Statement: I find this difficult to answer.

person suspected of helping people to see the world differently and inspiring transformative change by empowering leaders to connect with themselves, others, and the planet to create positive impact and leave a lasting legacy. [cto]

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Kristina Bonitz Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The case of Kristina Bonitz

Statement: I would never design one. I have no love for ugly, supposedly unique and „ funny“ stickers, whether on cars or on fridges.

person suspected of working in between disciplines, perspectives and people while encouraging new notions and habits of authentic leadership. [cto]

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Fanny Nusbaum Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Fanny Nusbaum

Statement: Follow me.

person suspected of elucidating human thought and behavior and exploring the relationship between human and artificial intelligence to modify our thoughts and behavior to create an epigenetic fortresses. [cto]

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Tina Egolf Shiftschool Portrait front view
Century 21 files

The case of Tina Egolf

Statement: Hic sunt dracones

person suspected of developing leaders‘ emotional maturity to observe, share, and regulate their own reactions to a change process
and the unconscious dynamics behind. [cto]

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David Gray Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The case of Dave Gray

Statement: If it can’t be drawn, it can’t be done.

person suspected of imagining a future with visual thinking trying to eradicate the astonishing ability of human beings to miscommunicate and misunderstand one another. [cto]

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Bronwyn Williams Shiftschool portrait front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Bronwyn Williams

Statement: Why are you here?

person suspected of being a chaos whisperer intending to make sense out of confusion and bringing the future into focus for individuals and organizations by simplifying the macro and micro future trends set to change our world. [cto]

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Shiftschool-Rajiv-Vaid-Basaiawmoit-front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit

Statement: When things get complex - PLAY not PRAY.

person suspected of turning scientists and non-business people into entrepreneurs (aka future troublemakers) by unconventional means such as gamification, uncertainty navigation, and open innovation models. [cto]

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Nele Fischer Shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Nele Fischer

Statement: Dare to be the change that you want to see in this world

person suspected of re-thinking, re-learning, re-designing, and re-searching in the context of organizational development, transformation processes and shaping futures. [cto]

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Vivienne Ming Shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Vivienne Ming

Statement: Look Out! There’s a man in the back seat of your car!

person suspected of being a Professional Mad Scientist (aka theoretical neuroscientist, entrepreneur, author, and mother of two) who explores maximizing human capacity and applies machine learning to lessen the corrosive health effects of chronic stress. [cto]

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Pieter Spinder Shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Pieter Spinder

Statement: If you see me, I will see you.

person suspected of designing embodied learning experiences and getting rid of his and other people’s BS in order to change their work and life for the better. [cto]

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Serafine Klarwein Seraf al Zaurak shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Seraf al Zaurak

Statement: Don´t Read This! (Drive home safely and read a book.)

person suspected of taking people on an Alice-in-Wonderland-tour towards inner childhood to let their souls play freely within a safe experience for exploring the edges of their imaginations. [cto]

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Matthias Lenssen shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The case of Matthias Lenssen

Statement: Once in a while take a deep breath and smile.

person suspected of creating purposeful and creative playgrounds where people are full of enthusiasm and focus to accomplish what they set out to do. [cto]

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Gabriel McIntyre shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The case of Gabriel McIntyre


person suspected of being a video geek, game designer, digital artist, and ordained Dudeist Priest in just one person who loves to use new technologies to tell new (gamified) stories. [cto]

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Michael Dessagne shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The case of Michael Dessagne

Statement: YOLO (You Only Live Once)

person suspected of dropping out after an elite business training and a promising corporate career to seek adventure in the outdoors and becoming an activity guide and nature wildlife photographer. [cto]

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Della Z Duncan shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Della Z Duncan

Statement: Leave everyone and every place better than found

person suspected of being a renegade economist who is challenging mainstream economic thinking through documentaries and conversations to better align values and business. [cto]

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Manuel Scheidegger Shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The case of Manuel Scheidegger

Statement: Find good questions for every answer.

person suspected of multi-asking his audience to take new leaps of faith and thought in order to trigger creative and constructive thinking – while working with both fun and substance. [cto]

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Alis Anagnostakis shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The case of Alis Anagnostakis

Statement: When you know your WHY, any HOW becomes possible!

person suspected of inspiring and vertically developing conscious leaders and exploring what it takes to bring much needed wisdom into our organizations, teams and, ultimately, lives. [cto]

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Claus Raasted Shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The case of Claus Raasted

Statement: "Sometimes mistaken, but never in doubt"

person suspected of being overpaid rockstar consultant who challenges conventional thought patterns in a cross-style between Thor, Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga! [cto]

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Guido van Nispen Shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The case of Guido van Nispen

Statement: Live in the NOW. That's where it happens.

person suspected of being an European entrepreneurial jack of media trades, mastering them all from generating socially responsible impact up to creating an optimal relationship between people and automation. [cto]

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Stefanie Ollenburg Shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The case of Stefanie Ollenburg

Statement: Smile before you die …

person suspected of being fearless of the unknown simply by understanding that assumptions are often rooted in the past and reflect on how we anticipate the future. [cto]

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Inga Höltmann Shiftschool front view
Century 21 files

The case of Inga Höltmann

Statement: Ich bremse auch für Vollidioten.

person suspected of really, really anchoring New Work in work environments by openly sharing her own transformation story and showing people how to experience true self efficacy. [cto]

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Nadine Friedel front view
Century 21 files

The case of Nadine Friedel


person suspected to being a firestarter and bridgebuilder striving to demystify emergent technologies by closing knowledge gaps with heart, brain, collaboration, and technology [sic!] never forgetting the planet we live on. [cto]

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Tom Pauly SHIFTSCHOOL front view
Century 21 files

The case of Tom Pauly

Statement: Be like a Crow!

person suspected of being convinced that Innovation thrives on constraints – but only if you ask the right questions, in the right form to the right audience. [cto]

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Thomas Escher front view
Century 21 files

The case of Thomas Escher

Statement: Even a genius needs luck

person suspected of being a driver of innovation, designing new products and creating new market believing that crazy times needs even better marketing. [cto]

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Patrycja Pielaszek front view
Century 21 files

The case of Patrycja Pielaszek

Statement: COME AS YOU ARE. Your ‘imperfections’ are welcome here.

person suspected of boosting agile transformation by finding better solutions in shorter times and developing ideas and concepts for the future of collaboration and innovation. [cto]

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Bonnie Lorraine Smith front view
Century 21 files

The case of Bonnie Lorraine Smith

Statement: Stop driving so close – better yet, stop driving and rewild this asphalt!

person suspected of envisioning and promoting an economy that works in service of life, and working diligently to bring industrial activities closer to what makes people and ecosystems healthier . [cto]

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Zahara Chetty front view shiftschool
Century 21 files

The case of Zahara Chetty

Statement: Fix this planet or go to Mars already!

person suspected of being a transformation artist who appears either as mental health advocate, climate & biodiversity activist, problem solver, innovation strategist, futurist, and/or imagineer. [cto]

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kristen davis front view shiftschool
Century 21 files

The case of Kristen Davis

Statement: No words, but something LiDAR could read as that’s what’ll soon be driving the cars around us.

person suspected of discovering and leveraging new technologies and techniques and using them to resolve problems or turn great ideas into reality – moving from startups to large organizations and back. [cto]

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Joerg Geier front view
Century 21 files

The case of Joerg Geier

Statement: Check again.

person suspected of challenging people to think differently about the(ir) future which – in his view – should be characterized by purpose, impact and diversity. [cto]

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Roz Savage front view
Century 21 files

The case of Roz Savage

Statement: Live life large

person suspected of being the first (and so far only) woman to row solo across the world’s “Big Three” oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian and teaching others about sustainability, courage, resilience, and change. [cto]

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Maf’j Alvarez front view
Century 21 files

The case of Maf’j Alvarez

Statement: I want to stop overthinking, but can't think how!

person suspected of being a creative technologist and visual artist both driving digital transformation projects and immersive reality experiences in arts and cultural education. [cto]

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Tom Nixon SHIFTSCHOOL front view
Century 21 files

The case of Tom Nixon

Statement: Shall we all get out and cycle instead?

person suspected of supporting founders to develop purposeful, participatory organisations – instead of fast exit scenarios lacking purpose. [cto]

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Manda Scott front view
Century 21 files

The case of Manda Scott

Statement: What would your grandkids' grandkids say of your life?

person suspected of dreaming of a different future and becoming something we cannot yet imagine,
and by doing so, transforming the nature of ourselves – and all humanity. [cto]

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Marc Buckley front view
Century 21 files

The case of Marc Buckley

Statement: Welcome to the Symbiocene

person suspected of being involved in climate activism and teaching people how to run faster than climate change by being an impactful and exponential human being. [cto]

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Sven Lindberg front view
Century 21 files

The case of Sven Lindberg

Statement: If you are reading this for more than 20 minutes, you better start walking!

person suspected of building bridges between the worlds of research, technology, and learning. [cto]

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Alexandra Götze front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Alexandra Götze

Statement: Whoever reads this is surely a nice person

person suspected of taking a lot of time to think and decide and encouraging others to invite „thought disturbances“ in order to disrupt continuous self confirmation. [cto]

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Amrei Andrasch front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Amrei Andrasch

Statement: „I'm sick of being stuck on these cars! Let’s go green!“

person suspected of being a learning experience designer gone futurity clairvoyant – dealing with insanely innovative ways of thinking and learning about the future. [cto]

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Max Gaub front view
Century 21 files

The Case of Max Gaub

Statement: Grab the lion by its horns. And ride it.

person suspected of having found work-life-balance for real and showcasing others how to live such a balanced life while not taking oneself too seriously. [cto]

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Kerstin Friesland front view
Century 21 files

The case of Kerstin Friesland

Statement: live, love, laugh

person suspected of having taught people about the parallels between ancient hinduism and modern transformation. As well as exemplifying the laws of nature as a constant process of change. [cto]

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Zoe Nogai front view
Century 21 files

The case of Zoe Nogai

Statement: Calm the f*ck down. You’ll never ever find a sticker on my stuff though.

person suspected of fighting against generational misconceptions, thinking things in a completely new way, provoke good thought, and overriding rules where they are no longer helpful. [cto]

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Thor van Horn front view
Century 21 files

The case of Thor van Horn

Statement: Humour can save us, but without love it is only irony.

person suspected of designing and initiating participatory art projects in public spaces to seek direct dialogue and interaction between artists and passers-by. [cto]

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Ulrike Reinhard front view
Century 21 files

The case of Ulrike Reinhard

Statement: Live your own life! Don't waste your time dreaming of being someone else!

person suspected of being a digital native and rural change maker who is accused of building skateparks in rural India to improve people’s lives. [cto]

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Miikka Leinonen front view
Century 21 files

The case of Miikka Leinonen

Statement: Set your ideas free. They will come someday with their friends.

person suspected of having used the time of social distancing to ask himself how we can build better and more sustainable communities and showing other how to build them. [cto]

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Vera Schneevoigt - front view
Century 21 files

The case of Vera Schneevoigt

Statement: We are all humans - Diversity matters

person suspected of quitting her Chief Digital Officer job at Bosch to care for her parents and showing others what true leadership really is about. [cto]

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Dr. Irène Kilubi
Century 21 files

The case of Dr. Irène Kilubi

Statement: All you need is already inside of you.

person suspected of gently pushing pioneers, visionaries and change makers towards true authenticity, building lasting communities, and connecting generations XYZ. [cto]

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Richard Ayling Trainer Shiftschool
Century 21 files

The case of Richard Ayling

Statement: Your crystals won't save you

person suspected of asking serious questions about the mind-body connection, leading the quest for inner stillness, and looking for a transition with purpose. [cto]

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Jason Frasca
Century 21 files

The case of Jason Frasca


person suspected of being a natural born New Yorker, an urban innovator, sleuth of emergent futures, and anthropologist of everyday lives. [cto]

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Manuel Grassler
Century 21 files

The Case of Manuel Grassler

Statement: Dare to play with me?

person suspected of promoting playfulness as humanity’s most natural way of encountering complexity and leading folks into a world full of better ideas. [cto]

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Hannes Kranzfelder
Century 21 files

The Case of Hannes Kranzfelder

Statement: nobreaklights or no brakelights

person suspected of readjusting his priorities in the middle of his life – leaving behind his corporate career to follow his well-balanced passions as a life guard, yoga instructor, and stage builder. [cto]

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Bettina von Stamm
Century 21 files

The Case of Bettina von Stamm

Statement: In every small detail you see the whole picture, if you know how to look.

person suspected of relentlessly striving to merge innovation with philosophy and purpose, and teaching people how to adopt a 21st century mindset. [cto]

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Tobias Burkhardt
Century 21 files

The Case of Tobias Burkhardt

Statement: It’s not what we learn but how we think.

person suspected of creating transformative learning experiences that wake and shake people up and in the worst case even change life plans. [cto]

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Finde heraus, wie du selbst ein Transformative Leader werden kannst

Lerne aus den Interviews zur Transformation von Führungspersönlichkeiten und echten Vorbildern

Warum Vorbilder uns nicht weiterbringen

Was die Welt sicher nicht braucht, sind noch mehr Zukunftsprediger auf den Bühnen. Wir haben auch genug glatte und geschönte Prominentengeschichten von Menschen, die „unerreichbar“ scheinen. Deshalb ist das klassische Vorbild-Modell auch etwas neben der Spur. Wir wollen nicht, dass unsere Teilnehmer*innen überlebensgroße Figuren imitieren, indem sie deren Verhalten kopieren. Wir brauchen authentische Menschen, die anderen auf Augenhöhe begegnen und ihnen helfen, ihren ganz eigenen Weg zu finden.

Was ist ein echter Leader by Example?

Es geht darum, Führungskräfte nicht in ihren Rollen, sondern als ganze Menschen zu zeigen. Wir sehen sowohl ihre Leistungen als auch ihre Fehltritte als inspirierende Beispiele. Aus diesem Grund haben wir beschlossen, nur von „Leadern by Example“ zu sprechen. Das mag spitzfindig klingen, aber „die Bedeutung eines Wortes ist sein Gebrauch in der Sprache“, wie Wittgenstein einmal sagte.

Warum Interviews über den Transformation?

Denn wenn wir Menschen befragen, die es getan haben, die es gesehen haben, die es (nicht) geschafft haben, können wir alle lernen, WIE wir es besser machen können. Wieder und wieder. Bei der Transformation geht es nicht so sehr um die Theorie, sondern um das Experimentieren. Veränderungen können nicht durchdacht werden. Sie kann nur im wirklichen Leben gelebt werden. Das ist der Unterschied zwischen SUCHEN und FINDEN. Wir hoffen sehr, dass diese Transformationsinterviews dir helfen und dich inspirieren, deinen eigenen Weg auf dieser Transformationsreise zu entdecken. Der Weg ist anstrengend, aber er lohnt sich. Und es gibt keinen anderen Weg.

Möge die Macht mit dir sein!